Flowchart is created for presenting the process or steps of our work. It is also a tool used for gathering and organizing our thought to be clear in planing the working procedures. 

Types of Flowchart

1. System flowchart  is  used for showing the procedures of the system,media,data processing, and workflow.

2. Program flowchart  is used for showing the procedures of program instruction in order  to make a plan or gather ideas in order to create a program displaying the instruction step by step.

Flowchart Symbols

1.  Terminator

2.  Data (Input/Output)

3. Decision

4. Process

5.  Document

6. On-page reference

7.  Off-page reference

8. Arrow

Learn & share

1. To use Microsoft Visio 2013 to create a correct flowchart relevant to my own main job.

2. To apply the completed and informative flowchart effectively and practically.